All in with Cam Newton

Any Carolina Panther fan knows that Cam Newton has a soft spot for children. At the practice field, the kid are the ones he is going to go to first. On the field during games, he usually looks for a kid to give the touchdown ball to. He has the Cam Newton Foundation which is dedicated to children, their socioeconomic, education, emotional and physical needs. This year his foundation is the charity beneficiary of the Roaring Riot fan club this season.
He recently came together with the Make-A-Wish foundation. An 11 year old boy named Noah, was born with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome, in which one of his legs is three centimeters longer and wider than his right leg. At the age of seven he was also diagnosed with a protein deficiency and frequent blood clots. In October of 2015 his mother nominated him for the Make-A-Wish foundation, and created a list of the things he wanted to do, meeting Cam Newton was at the top of his list. On March 18, 2016 his wish came true, Newton spent three days with Noah. They went bowling, to a Charlotte Hornets basketball game, and he was invited to check out the locker room and the Bank of America Stadium.
“Whenever I’m down, I can think of my time with Cam, and how special of a moment that was for me,” said 11-year-old Noah in a YouTube video.

Newton also is laughing a new Nickelodeon program that will air on June 3rd. The program is call “All In with Cam Newton,” in this television show, Newton will help children fulfill their dreams. Each episode will showcase children and the different talents they have, Newton will take the next step in helping them show their skills to follow their dreams.


Jonathan Stewart ranked 86

Carolina Panthers running back, Jonathan Stewart placed 86 in the NFL Top 100 Best Players of 2016 on NFL Network. Stewart is in the eighth year of his career and has the second highest rushing total with 989 yards. Panthers picked him 13th overall in the 2008 NFL Draft, as long as he stays healthy his yards will continue to climb.

Rookie camp begins tomorrow

Carolina Panthers start their rookie camp Friday. A mini-camp is a short camp held by the team to get the players that were drafted familiar with the way the differences in play fro the NFL. Also gives the new draft picks time to learn new plays and for the coaches to evaluate them. In the camp many of the athletes already on the team will attend as well.

Newton turned 27 yesterday

On Wednesday, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton celebrated his 27th birthday. Newton was born in Atlanta Georgia where he went to Atlanta Westlake High School. He was the first round pick in the 2011 NFL draft out of Auburn University. Since then he has received many awards including but not limited to, NFL MVP, NFC Champion, NFL Offensive Player of the Year and NFL Rookie of the year. Newton has many accomplishments in his football career. Happy Birthday Cam Newton.

Cam Newton freestyles for fun

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, has his another rap freestyle caught on camera. Just a few days ago on Instagram, a video of Newton rapping with his brothers was posted. This is not the first time he has been recording rapping. On Super Bowl 50, opening day, a reporter challenged him to a rap battle. Not only did he quickly accept, he did not hesitate or stutter over his words.
Newton sang in the church and the school choir when he was younger.
“If there was an award for signing in a vehicle, I would probably win, if I do say so myself,” Newton said in a Sports Illustrated article. “I mean, if you could hear me in the car.”

Gano spends the day at the race track

On Sunday Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano teamed up with NASCAR driver Austin Dillon to open up the Motorsport month of May at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Gano showed Dillon how to kick a field goal, NFL style. Though Austin was just shy of the goal post, he maneuvered his race car around the track at a high speed and make it look easy. Gano said he was a little nervous about the high speed ride, but Dillon assured him he was taking it easy on the speed.
“I’ve never gone that fast, it was unreal, I can’t even explain it,” Gano said in an interview with “That was pretty fun, hopefully I can come out here someday and he can crank it up a little more to what he’s used to, but I don’t know if I can take it.”

Panthers free Josh Norman

Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman rescinded Josh Norman’s Franchise Tag. Norman’s agent and the Carolina Panthers were unable to come to an agreement regarding his contract.
Norman was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the 2012 NFL Draft in the fifth round out of Coastal Carolina. It wasn’t until his sophomore year there that the school recognized his football talents and offered him a scholarship. In this season, he was named third-team All-American by Associated Press, first team All-Big South and broke the league record with eight interceptions. He earned Big South and National Defensive Player of the week and continued to excel on defense.
Norman signed a 4-year, $2.3 million contract with the Carolina Panthers but did not see much action on the field until the 2014 season. During the final eight weeks of the season, he was rated the 27th best cornerback by Pro Football Focus. He did not stop there in the 2015 season, he helped the Panthers go 15-1 during the regular season, through the playoffs and they eventually lost to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50.
The Panthers release of Josh Norman came as a surprise to many fans, at the same time some feel that he was not worth the money he was asking for and Gettleman was doing the right thing.
“Paying him what he wanted would have crippled us from signing other (younger) key players long term,” said Panther fan Chris Hixenbaugh in a Facebook post. “Gett [Dave Gettleman] knows what he’s doing and Josh may find someone to pay his asking price but he’ll have about as good a seat as I do for the playoffs next year.”
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