Cam Newton freestyles for fun

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, has his another rap freestyle caught on camera. Just a few days ago on Instagram, a video of Newton rapping with his brothers was posted. This is not the first time he has been recording rapping. On Super Bowl 50, opening day, a reporter challenged him to a rap battle. Not only did he quickly accept, he did not hesitate or stutter over his words.
Newton sang in the church and the school choir when he was younger.
“If there was an award for signing in a vehicle, I would probably win, if I do say so myself,” Newton said in a Sports Illustrated article. “I mean, if you could hear me in the car.”


Opening day rematch

Panthers will play against the Denver Broncos to open the season in Colorado. The Panthers had a 15-1 record in the last season only to lose to the Broncos in the Super Bowl. This is going to be an interesting game to see how the Broncos perform without Peyton Manning.