Panthers added five tight ends

Before the NFL 2016 Draft, the Carolina Panthers had only three tight ends, now they have eight. The seventh round pick went to Beau Sandland a tight end out of Montana State. In addition to him, the Panthers already had Scott Simonson on the roster from last season, but have added, Jake McGee and Andrew Bonnet, both undrafted rookies. Lastly, they now have Braxton Deaver originally out of Duke and Marcus Lucas whom they picked up off waivers from Chicago on Tuesday.
There has been talk the reason for the increase of tight end is to gradually replace Greg Olsen.
ESPN said that if the Panthers were to replace Olsen it would not be the case of him getting older and not producing on the field as well, but more of the fact of the salary-cap space. Either way Olsen, welcomes the rookies to the team, though he does not see them as a replacements, he will continue to play hard to hold his spot.

“I understand what that was like to have an older guy not look at you as a threat, look at you as somebody that they can help bring along,” Olsen said in an interview with ESPN. “I welcome the opportunity. I’ll always do everything with in my power to help them improve and be the best that they can be, and at the same time make it really hard for them to ever best me out.”


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