Panthers added five tight ends

Before the NFL 2016 Draft, the Carolina Panthers had only three tight ends, now they have eight. The seventh round pick went to Beau Sandland a tight end out of Montana State. In addition to him, the Panthers already had Scott Simonson on the roster from last season, but have added, Jake McGee and Andrew Bonnet, both undrafted rookies. Lastly, they now have Braxton Deaver originally out of Duke and Marcus Lucas whom they picked up off waivers from Chicago on Tuesday.
There has been talk the reason for the increase of tight end is to gradually replace Greg Olsen.
ESPN said that if the Panthers were to replace Olsen it would not be the case of him getting older and not producing on the field as well, but more of the fact of the salary-cap space. Either way Olsen, welcomes the rookies to the team, though he does not see them as a replacements, he will continue to play hard to hold his spot.

“I understand what that was like to have an older guy not look at you as a threat, look at you as somebody that they can help bring along,” Olsen said in an interview with ESPN. “I welcome the opportunity. I’ll always do everything with in my power to help them improve and be the best that they can be, and at the same time make it really hard for them to ever best me out.”


Q&A with advid Panther fan

1. How long have you been a Carolina Panther fan, what first attracted you to the team and why?

I have been Carolina Panther fan since day one, 1995 season. Many things attracted me to them, first was the uniform. They have the best uniforms in NFL football, hands down. They also had a monster running back, Tim Biakabutuka, not only could he run and catch the ball out of the backfield, I just liked his name. Lastly, panthers are my favorite animal.

2. Who have been your favorite players over the years?

Like I said, Tim Biakabutuka. In 1996 Steve Smith joined the team who we all know was a Pro Bowl receiver and played with the Panthers for many years. Soon to be Hall of Famer, Julius Peppers. From back in the day, Mike Rucker, Kris Jenkins, Dan Morgan, Chris Gamble, Deshaun Foster, Steven Davis. As far as the newer players, Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis. Greg Olsen, DeAngelo Williams, the list goes on and on. The have all been a face of the organization at some point in time.

3. What do you think the Panthers downfall was that caused them to lose Super Bowl 50 against the Denver Broncos?

They stepped away from the running game. The drive that they scored, Cam Newton ran the ball for like 40 yards. The momentum was already in Denver’s favor with Von Miller’s sack fumble. Our offensive line seemed to be overwhelmed from the start. When Cam stopped running the ball, is when our offense stopped moving. He choose to sit back in the pocket instead of scramble. I mean, it could have been the play calling, it just seemed like they weren’t calling the right plays. Maybe they were calling plays for Cam to sit in the pocket, but gotta let Cam be Cam. If it’s a pass play and Cam sees a run, you gotta let him run, give him the green light at all times.

4. How do you think they did with their NFL 2016 draft picks?

Well, we will find out, I’m never satisfied with Carolina’s draft picks. With Jonathan Stewart’s history of injuries, I can’t imagine him to be healthy two seasons in a row. with one of the top defenses in the league, we drafted all defensive players and no running back to support Jonathan Stewart.

5. What game are you most looking forward to and which match up do you expect to be the most difficult?

Well we could go undefeated this season this too. I am looking forward to the Seattle Seahawks game the most because I have plans to go to Seattle with friends and watch the game at the CenturyLink Field. I have heard it is a loud stadium, one of the loudest. That’s why they have a number 12, it represents the 12th man. Football is played eleven on eleven, so having that stadium the loudest stadium it affects the opposing offense. The stadium is quiet for the Seahawks, but really loud for the visiting team, so it makes it hard for them to call plays and hear each other in the huddle. So it’s like having a 12th man on the field.
I expect the Arizona Cardinals to be the toughest match up. The good thing is that we play them at home, that gives us an advantage. At least on paper, the stats. The toughest match up because going up against last year, they are the most solid team.

All in with Cam Newton

Any Carolina Panther fan knows that Cam Newton has a soft spot for children. At the practice field, the kid are the ones he is going to go to first. On the field during games, he usually looks for a kid to give the touchdown ball to. He has the Cam Newton Foundation which is dedicated to children, their socioeconomic, education, emotional and physical needs. This year his foundation is the charity beneficiary of the Roaring Riot fan club this season.
He recently came together with the Make-A-Wish foundation. An 11 year old boy named Noah, was born with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome, in which one of his legs is three centimeters longer and wider than his right leg. At the age of seven he was also diagnosed with a protein deficiency and frequent blood clots. In October of 2015 his mother nominated him for the Make-A-Wish foundation, and created a list of the things he wanted to do, meeting Cam Newton was at the top of his list. On March 18, 2016 his wish came true, Newton spent three days with Noah. They went bowling, to a Charlotte Hornets basketball game, and he was invited to check out the locker room and the Bank of America Stadium.
“Whenever I’m down, I can think of my time with Cam, and how special of a moment that was for me,” said 11-year-old Noah in a YouTube video.

Newton also is laughing a new Nickelodeon program that will air on June 3rd. The program is call “All In with Cam Newton,” in this television show, Newton will help children fulfill their dreams. Each episode will showcase children and the different talents they have, Newton will take the next step in helping them show their skills to follow their dreams.

Jonathan Stewart ranked 86

Carolina Panthers running back, Jonathan Stewart placed 86 in the NFL Top 100 Best Players of 2016 on NFL Network. Stewart is in the eighth year of his career and has the second highest rushing total with 989 yards. Panthers picked him 13th overall in the 2008 NFL Draft, as long as he stays healthy his yards will continue to climb.

Rookie camp begins tomorrow

Carolina Panthers start their rookie camp Friday. A mini-camp is a short camp held by the team to get the players that were drafted familiar with the way the differences in play fro the NFL. Also gives the new draft picks time to learn new plays and for the coaches to evaluate them. In the camp many of the athletes already on the team will attend as well.

Newton turned 27 yesterday

On Wednesday, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton celebrated his 27th birthday. Newton was born in Atlanta Georgia where he went to Atlanta Westlake High School. He was the first round pick in the 2011 NFL draft out of Auburn University. Since then he has received many awards including but not limited to, NFL MVP, NFC Champion, NFL Offensive Player of the Year and NFL Rookie of the year. Newton has many accomplishments in his football career. Happy Birthday Cam Newton.

Cam Newton freestyles for fun

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, has his another rap freestyle caught on camera. Just a few days ago on Instagram, a video of Newton rapping with his brothers was posted. This is not the first time he has been recording rapping. On Super Bowl 50, opening day, a reporter challenged him to a rap battle. Not only did he quickly accept, he did not hesitate or stutter over his words.
Newton sang in the church and the school choir when he was younger.
“If there was an award for signing in a vehicle, I would probably win, if I do say so myself,” Newton said in a Sports Illustrated article. “I mean, if you could hear me in the car.”